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For Windows 7/8/10

Smart Hanzi offers Chinese dictionaries with HSK training and etymology of Chinese characters.

- Dictionaries: English, French, German. Various search facilities by Chinese or by translation. Simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

- Clipboard reader : copy a full text and get all words with one click.

- HSK training: levels 1 to 6, monthly progress is shown. The basic option is with short tests, mistaken results are retried first. Users can prefer longer tests, review unsure words or check known words. In all cases, results are saved and user's progress is shown over the last 12 months.

Download SmartHanzi 2018.10 v2018.03.10
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New in this version

(Major upgrade)

- Presentation clarified.
- Word lookup: several dictionaries possible.
- Tests also with traditional characters.

For Mac and smartphones
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System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.

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SmartHanzi is signed with an official Comodo certificate.

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- Please check options in small characters and accept installation.
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Windows 7

With Windows 7, the user may be required to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

(Windows 8/10: the installation should be straightforward)


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Contact: info [at] smarthanzi.net (replace [at] with @)

Suggestions for improvement welcome. Please report any problem.

Version history

Release 2018.10

- Presentation clarified.
- Word lookup: several dictionaries possible.
- Tests also with traditional characters.

Release 2018.03

- Quick launch.
- Improved performance on low end PC.
- Search results are sorted.
- Text view highlights full words, undescores alternatives.

Release 0.90

- Improved user interface.

Release 0.89

- Etymological data by Lawrence J. Howell.

Release 0.88

- User interface improved: all features in just one skin.

Release 0.87

- HSK tests improved.

Release 0.86

- Bug fixes.

Release 0.85

- New HSK skin with tests and progress report.

Release 0.84

- User can flag words: green, yellow, red.
- Lists : words shown from keyboard interface as well as with mouse.